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Introduction to Graphic Design

About The Course

From web design to editorial design, from packaging to brand design, from art direction and copywriting to advertising, this course will help you in gaining expertise required for creating beautiful images in a breeze and will also teach foundational graphic design principles (fonts, colours, images, backgrounds, and layouts) and how to apply them in your designs. By the end of this course, you will have the skills you need to create stunning graphics that stand out from the crowd!

You'll learn How to Design effective social media posts, blog graphics, presentations, posters, flyers or create your own custom dimension design. Gaining technical, strategic and methodological expertise, you will become a professional able to anticipate the new communication needs of the mass.
Our Instructors are certified Professionals with at least a Diploma in Graphic Designing or higher certifications.

Graduates from this course can become:

Graphic designers
Corporate and brand designers
Packaging designers
Editorial designers
Art Directors and Copywriters
Creative Directors
Creative Designers for exhibition spaces (retail, shows, museums)
Web and Digital Designers